This is a tutorial for the heart animation, not for the signature, you can save the animation as a MNG. file and use it as needed.
I've had several people ask me "how did you do that", i'm going to try and explain with a tut with screenshots. There may be
other tutorials out there but this is how i do it.

First draw out your heart using the settings below for the heart shape.


Make sure your heart is centered if not the punch effect will be a little off.

You may not want to do the next step but i think it gives a great finish to the shape. Highlight your vector shape
layer right click and Convert to raster. While still on the heart layer go to Selections/Select All/Float. On the
floating layer go to Effects/3DEffects/Cutout. Make sure your layer is floating, if its not you will have to create a new
layer to place the cutout on......



Duplicate heart layer 5 X's, you will then have 6 heart layers.



You do not want to do anything to the original heart layer. Working from the bottom,
highlight your "copy of heart" layer...go to Effects/Distortion Effects/Punch and punch that layer for 5%, go to the
copy(2) of heart and punch that layer 10%, the next layer 15%,next layer 20%,next layer 25%.

Add a drop shadow and don't forget your original heart...your preference, below is a screenshot of the one i use.


Delete your background layer, save on your desktop or where ever you'll be able to find it as a pspimage file.
Open up your Animation Shop, find your heart file, go to Edit/Select All and then go to Edit/Copy. Click on your last frame,
right click and Paste after Current frame, the frames you just pasted will be selected, go to Animation/Reverse frames and
the View your animation. Save as an MNG. file and you will be able to use over and over again. One trick i do sometimes
is to select the next to the last frame, copy it and then paste it after the last as in the heart below..

I hope you enjoyed this, my very first tut.

My Heart

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