Animation Lessons

This is a copyright compliant forum, and G rated.
If you want to start the day off with a smile this is
place for you. Its a great place for snagging too
and they also have a large selection of safe tubes.

The Zone Groups

This is a copyright compliant forum with adult art,
and one of the best forums for challenges.
Their auctions are the best on the net, the zonies are fun.
They also have a nice selection of FTU tubes.

Pippi's Art

The banner says it all tubes, snags and animations... be
all the tubes are vector creations by Pippi she is very
talented not only in vector creations but she a
wonderful animator also.

Neo's Tinkerings

This is mainly a site for Neophyte's excellant be
tubes they have been created by her, check them
out, it'll be worth it.

Three Gems PSP

A friendly place to relax and enjoy working in psp,,
with animations, tutorials and much more...

Barbs Playground

Home to some of the cutest and cuddliest tubes,
a very popular site and one of my favorites. Barb's work is
all drawn and copyrighted by her. She also offers wonderful
Paint Shop Pro help tutorials that are loads of fun while learning.

Angels Designs

A copyright compliant PSP Forum group offering our
members a wide range of ways to learn about PSP and
being copyright compliant. We offer our members everything
from tutorials to tubes with loads of fun while learning.

You can learn so much about copyright!

Insatiable Dreams

Excellant tutorials!!!


This is the site of a talented artist RAE, she has some
of the best animation tuts on the web, check her out.

This and That

This is a very small group of members that enjoy a
a good time, drama free and a great place to relax.

So many nice and friendly and very talented members....
never a dull moment..

If you ever wanted to make your own website using HTML
coding, well this is the place to learn.

This site is run by Moonshadow, one of the most talented
artists that i know. There is so many resources there that they are too
numerous too mention, you just have to check this site
out for yourself.


Group for older pspers and People wanting to learn PSP.

Just Carol's Tubes

Very friendly forum...and cute whimsical tubes.

Creative Chicks

Members that love to create tags, scrapkits, templates
and just have some fun!!!! Anyone and everyone are always
welcome as we do NOT screen members!

This is my banner!

Budding HTML Gurus
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