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My name is Marie, my first screenname was mnannyw,
I never liked the name and i was playing with a photo
of me, making my eyes bug out and really, really big and
thats how i got the screenname Mooneyedmarie,
I am a 60 year old grandmother (Ninny) of six, mother
of three and my family and friends will always come
first, its a tie between PSP and swimming for second,
and horse racing comes in as a close third.
My fascination with animated sigs came from visiting
a newsgroup for sigs. I started asking questions and was
told to get PSP 7 and it came with AS, I did and was soon
pulling my hair out and scaring two of my grandchildren
(they thought I was going out of my mind).
Then someone gave me some of the best advice…go get
lessons at PSPImagenarium (no longer around), they were
awesome, and I eventually became a moderator. I was
mostly visiting MSN sites and they have gotten ridiculous
most of the time you can’t even get in. I started checking
out the forums as I had a great experience with
PSPImagenarium and there are some very nice forums
out there and the people that play with PSP are some
of the nicest and friendliest people on the net. I know
I still haven’t seen and done it all yet, but i'm loving
each and everyday, when you get my age you
really do make the most of what time you have left.
There are just not enough hours in the day. I sure
hope you will enjoy my site as much as i enjoyed
working on it. I could have never made it look
this nice if it wasn't for the help from Ellie from
Budding Guru, the best place to learn HTML coding.
Thanks so much for visiting, and please sign my
guestbook below and visit my Photobucket Tag Album....Ü

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